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Judo Ontario is an association where dedicated volunteers and professional staff provide leadership, athlete development and the promotion of sport for life, and positive judo experiences for all Ontarians.


To be the leader in Canadian Judo by achieving and maintaining a 15% year over year growth rate. And by increasing our membership services, and dominating competitively on the national and international scene.


  • To ensure judo creates a positive experience for all participants in a safe environment

  • To ensure judo develops Life skills which will benefit participants throughout their life

  • To ensure judo gives an opportunity to all Ontarians regardless of age, gender, colour, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, social economic status and people with different physical abilities

  • To ensure judo develops dignity, confidence, and self-esteem through the discipline of judo

  • To ensure judo promotes the teamwork necessary for individual success

  • To ensure judo teaches the principle of mutual welfare and benefit

  • To ensure judo teaches the application of maximum efficiency in all aspects of life




  • Increased number of women and girls participating in judo

  • Increase visibility of judo with the general public

  • Expand access to judo

  • Increase professional development

  • Expand female specific programming

  • Increase number of para judo athletes

  • Promote judo as a safe and fun activity

    for children


  • Optimize Judo Canada programs and resources

  • Create a communication strategy

  • Align with Judo Canada’s strategic plan

  • Develop a sponsorship strategy

  • Manage COVID-19 risks while maintaining Judo programming

  • Develop a post COVID-19 rebuilding strategy

  • Continue to expand funding sources


  • Encourage clubs to work with the Provincial Training Centre (PTC)

  • Athlete identification & recruiting using the High Performance Pathway

  • Expand funding for High Performance programs

  • Increase competitions

  • Embrace para sport opportunities

  • Ensure Training is accessible for all identified and willing para judoka

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