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The Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model is an initiative of Sport Canada. A panel of world experts was brought together to create a generic model that was to be adapted by each sport see Canadian Sport for Life website. Judo Canada’s LTAD model was born of this generic model under the guidance of a Steering Committee composed of judo experts from across Canada and from abroad.

This edition of LTDM is a result of developments that took place in the Canadian Sports system over the past 15 years since the “Take it to the Mats” (LTDM 1.0) was published. The “Judoka for Life” offers an update to a blueprint for the athletic and personal development of judoka as well as an overview of initiatives undertaken by Judo Canada and the reasons behind them. The intention for this publication is to offer guidance on how to conduct the business of judo focused on a variety of areas associated with the entire spectrum of sporting activities in consistency with the values cherished by Canadian society. The information is presented in four chapters: 


“Good Places”

“Good Programs”

“Good People”

“Areas of Special Considerations”

Judo Canada-LTDM-2022_edited.png

Judo Canada has also prepared Age Group Guides based on the stages outlined in the LTAD. 

Clubs can use the information therein to help them structure their judo programs accordingly.

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