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Team Ontario - Event & Logistics Information


May 16th Update:

NOTE: Friday, Saturday and Sunday start times have been moved 30min earlier to 8:30am

  • For Kata and Ne-waza competitors, Steve will be at the venue Wednesday afternoon and Thursday during the competition. Accreditation is scheduled for Wed 17:00-18:00 at the main hotel (Royal Versailles) and you will be able to pick up from Steve at that time. The draw will be at 19:30.


Judo Ontario Coaches & Staff Attending:

  • Staff: Steve Sheffield & James Cunningham

    • Event/logistics support, accreditation

  • Coaches: An Jeong-Hwan & Carline Young

    • Athlete & Coach support, warm-up sessions

    • Coaching (pre-arranged) – if you don’t have a coach attending, please reach out ASAP


Clothing pickup:

  • May 12-16th

    • Clothing will be available for pickup from TPASC (Scarborough)

    • We will make arrangements to drop clothing at Dojo’s if possible (within the GTA)

  • May 17-21st

    • Steve/James will have clothing available when picking up accreditation


  • Steve/James will have accreditation on site at the venue or at the main hotel (Royal Versailles) – you can pickup Wednesday to Sunday
  • You will need accreditation before entering the competition areas

  • Athletes competing in a 2nd/3rd division need to confirm after their 1st division is complete – deadline is 19:00 each day (Confirm with James/Steve/An/Carline)

Team Meeting:

  • Thursday @ 18:00 Centre Pierre-Charbonneau (30min before weigh-in)

  • Attendance is optional

  • Plan to cover basic tournament info, Team Ontario plans and hand out accreditation & clothing


  • We have a WhatsApp group for Team Ontario communications WhatsApp - check link sent in team email

  • We will share general updates, group warm-up times and accreditation/clothing pickup times/locations

  • Tournament updates will be shared if possible, but it is important to follow the official Judo Nationals communications to ensure you have the most current information

Coaching info:

  • Warm-up

    • Times TBD: expect a time prior to the first block each day (1hr prior to 1st event start)

    • Attendance is optional

    • Sensei An & Sensei Carline will be leading sessions

  • Coaching support

    • Please reach out ASAP if you don’t have a personal coach attending and would like support from one of the Team Ontario coaches

    • You can reach out to the coaches, or JO staff (Steve/James)





All athletes must register for Nationals with both Judo Ontario & Judo Canada

Coaches must register for Nationals with Judo Canada

  1. Ontario Team Registration

    • New for 2023, all Ontario athletes will be required to register through the link below for Team Ontario-Open Nationals. Part of this registration is the required Team Ontario clothing for Nationals which for this year will be a team hoodie. You will also be asked to indicate if your personal coach will be attending, to help with planning and to ensure that Ontario athletes are supported at the event.

    • Eligibility for Team Ontario will be as indicated by Judo Canada in the Technical Package:

      • Athletes must compete for the provincial association of which they are a member in good standing and have a valid Judo Canada membership card.

      • Only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are allowed to participate in the competition in the U21/Senior/Veteran/Kata events.

    • This step is required and must be completed in order to be eligible to compete at Open Nationals.



  2. Event Registration - Open Nationals

  3. Coach Registration





Team Ontario: $45 (Required)

Entry Fees (Judo Canada):

  • Shiai: $120

  • Kata (Tori): $120

    • Additional division (Athlete/Tori): $60

  • Banquet Tickets: $70

  • Late entry or change to entry after deadline (Athlete name/weight/age): $50 

  • Official hotel non-residency: $30

  • Training Camp: $40


No athlete is allowed to compete in three different age divisions in this tournament unless otherwise approved on a case-by-case basis by the High Performance Committee. However, the Ne-waza and Kata events are not included in this restriction.


Younger participants are allowed to compete as per the Early Bloomer clause:


Request for the approval of an early bloomer’s have to be done here: regulations as published in the 2022-2023 edition of the JC Sanctioning policy and tournament standards will apply. Deadline for confirmation of early Bloomer status is April 21, 2023




Athletes are responsible for booking accommodations directly with the hotels below, or through a hotel of your choosing. All athletes are expected to stay in the proposed accommodations below. A fee of $30.00 per athlete will be charged to all athletes not staying in these accommodations. This fee must be paid at registration.

Hotel Royal Versailles - Main Hotel ($139.95/night)
7200, Sherbrooke St Est
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Tel: 1-514-256-1613
Email: Tony Santaniello - 

Hotel Universel Montréal ($194.00/night)
5000 Sherbrooke St E
Montreal, Quebec H1V 1A1
Tel: 1-514-253-9958
Email: Yuening Song -
Free of charge call : 1-800-567-0223
Local call : 514-253-3365



Coaches must complete (since January 1st 2021) the “Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders” to get their accreditation. Coaches who haven’t completed the module won’t be allowed to coach during the tournament. This training is with cost. Click on the following link to access the module:


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