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Kata & Veteran


The Katas are technical demonstrations of a series of codified movements mimicking a fight. Katas are used to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of judo and mastery of their application. According to Master Kano, they allow you to truly understand what judo is. They are the spirit of judo. In Canada, Kata competitions have no gender division. Female, male, and mixed pairs are accepted. There are three age groups for Kata competitions: senior, U23, and U16.


Shane Rooney & Bailey Hu
IJF World Kata Championship Competitors

Allyn Takahashi & Tony Walby
IJF World Kata Championship Competitors

Raj Venugopal & Allyn Takahashi
IJF Pan American Kata Champions 2019

For more information, please consult the VETERAN & KATA HANDBOOK
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The veteran is defined as follows: “any active judoka 30 years of age and over.’’Competitions for veterans are categorized by age and weight, according to the guidelines of the International Judo Federation: among veterans, there are 11 age categories and 7 weight categories per gender.

Carline Wallace-Young
IJF World Veteran Champion 2018

Vitaliy Polyanskyy
IJF World Veteran Champion 2018

Ron Angus
IJF World Veteran Champion 2017


Amanda McAlpine
IJF World Veteran Silver Medalist 2019

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