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Team Ontario Results - Pacific International

Congratulations to all Ontario athletes who competed at the Pacific International in BC.

It was a busy weekend with some incredible performances for Team Ontario over the two days.

Many will be back in action at the Edmonton International in Alberta and looking to step back onto the podium for a second week in a row.



u14 -55kg Emelyan Sokolov (Taifu Judo Club)

u16 -42kg Arel Roitman (Taifu Judo Club)

u18 -70kg Kiera Burt (Upper Canada Judo Club)

u21 -57kg Eibhleann Alexander (Hayabusakan)

u21 -70kg Alexandria Lefort (Sheffield Judo Club)

u21 -73kg Jumber Meladze (Taifu Judo Club)

Snr -100kg Danil Neyolov (Taifu Judo Club)

Snr -73kg Jumber Meladze (Taifu Judo Club)


u14 -35kg Roman Teplitskiy (Taifu Judo Club)

u16 -57kg Alyssa Tkachenko (Taifu Judo Club)

u18 -57kg Alyssa Tkachenko (Taifu Judo Club)

u18 -55kg Denis Neyolov (Taifu Judo Club)

Snr -70kg Alexandria Lefort (Sheffield Judo Club)

Snr -73kg Lasha Tsatsalashvili (Taifu Judo Club)

Kata - Andrei Oudovikine & Alexej Neyolov (Taifu Judo Club)


u14 -66kg Daniel Oudovikine (Taifu Judo Club)

u16 -52kg Dilana Gesa (Shin Bu Kan)

u16 -42kg Arel Roitman (Taifu Judo Club)

u16 -55kg Thomas Tamagi-Wakabayashi (Scarborough Dojo)

u16 -60kg Reinis Rexhepi (Hayabusakan)

u16 -66kg Rayden Zelenka (Ajax Budokan Judo Club)

u16 -73kg Elisey Sokolov (Taifu Judo Club)

u16 +73kg Eden Khalfon (Taifu Judo Club)

u18 -52kg Dilana Gesa (Shin Bu Kan)

u18 -63kg Margot Chevalier (Hayabusakan)

u18 -60kg Luka Tsatsalashvili (Taifu Judo Club)

u18 -81kg Matthew Serrano (Ajax Budokan Judo Club)

Snr -57kg Eibhleann Alexander (Hayabusakan)

Snr -60kg Luka Tsatsalashvili (Taifu Judo Club)

Snr -66kg Daniel McCristall (Upper Canada Judo Club)


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