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Open Nationals - Day 1 - Kata & Ne-waza

The 2023 Open National Championships began Thursday with the Kata and Ne-waza competition. Ontario fielded 14 athletes in the Kata competition, taking 4 medals in the Kodokan Goshin- Jitsu and Kime No Kata. In the Ne-waza competition, 14 athletes took to the mats for the competition. Alexandria Lefort won the day with the Female Grand Champion, while Mohammad Bakhtiyar Hamza finished 3rd in the Male Grand Champion. Also medalling on the day were Jeff Allen and Daniel McCristall, both finishing 2nd in their divisions.

Overall, a great start to the competition in Montreal as the event moves into the Shiai, with 128 athletes competing over the next three days.

Kodokan Goshin-Jutsu (U23 - SENIOR)

2nd - BIRD, Daniel - NAEIMI, Masoud

3rd - TAKAHASHI, Allyn - WALBY, Tony

4th - ZUPANCIC, Edward - HUTCHISON, Matthew

Kime No Kata (Senior)

2nd - ROONEY, Shane - HU, Bailey

3rd - LEGROS, Shane - RUSU, Dan

Ju No Kata (SENIOR)

4th - LEGROS, Shane - RUSU, Dan

8th - BOARO, Kim - REIMER, Cass

Katame No Kata (U23 - SENIOR)

4th - ZUPANCIC, Edward - OUDOVIKINE, Andrei

Ne-waza Results

1st - Alexandria LEFORT (NW F +63)

1st - Alexandria LEFORT (NW Female grand champion)

2nd - Jeff ALLEN (NW M +81)

2nd - Mohammad Bakhtiyar HAMZA (NW M -81)

2nd - Daniel MCCRISTALL (NW M -66)

3rd - Mohammad Bakhtiyar HAMZA (NW Male grand champion)

5th - Sebastien GODIN (NW M +81)

5th - Shane ROONEY (NW M -66)

5th - Elijah SEUNARINE (NW M -66)

7th - Kevin BAN (NW M -66)

7th - Alec BRILLON (NW M +81)

7th - Taki STEWART (NW M +81)

11th - Terry ST LOUIS (NW M +81)

11th - Eric VELEZ (NW M +81)


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