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CLOSED: Kata Ambassador Program - Application Info


The Kata Ambassador program was initially implemented to support the highest-level athletes, ensuring they can continue to compete internationally as well as give back to the Ontario Kata community. The benefits to Judo Ontario include the athlete’s commitment to representing Ontario in National/International competitions, as well as specific deliverables related to giving back to the Judo Ontario community. Athletes are expected to participate in clinics, seminars and appearances at Ontario events throughout the year.


  1. Define and publish the criteria for the Kata Ambassador Program.

  2. Identify eligible athletes for participation in the program.

  3. Provide funding to the athlete(s) upon board approval.

  4. Reserves the right to review the program at least annually.

  5. Has the right to use images for promotional purposes.

  6. Has the right to terminate the agreement if the athlete does not meet their obligations.


  1. Maintain their membership with Judo Ontario in good standing.

  2. Compete or appear as an ambassador for Judo Ontario:

    1. At approved tournaments

    2. Conduct clinic(s) within Ontario at mutually agreed upon date(s)

  3. Post at least two promotional posts on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) before and/or after each of the events tagging Judo Ontario.

  4. Maintain the highest standard of ethical and professional behaviour.

  5. Comply with the Judo Ontario Code of Conduct.

  6. Maintain a training schedule commensurate with the level of the athlete’s ability.


  1. Must be competing at an international level (submit competition results achieved within the past 3 years).

  2. Yearly application outlining competition schedule, competition goals and how the athlete will contribute to the development of Kata in Ontario.

  3. Register with Judo Ontario and maintain membership in good standing to receive funding.


  1. Complete the online application form on a yearly basis –

  2. Application Deadline: June 14th, 2024

  3. Selection Notification: July 31st, 2024

  4. Funding Term: Sept 2024 to Aug 2025


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