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First Day Results For The 2017 Pacific International

Judo Ontario had some excellent results from the first day of competition at the 2017 Pacific International Judo Championships. The competition is being held at the Richmond Oval in Richmond BC.

Gold Medal

  Aidos Sapenov U18 -55kg

  Luka Khatelishvili U21 -90kg

Silver Medal

  Candice Driscoll U18 -48kg

  Christian Dametto U18 -55kg

  Sean Long U21 -66kg

  Danil Neyolov U21 -81kg

Bronze Medal

   Elicia Lin U18 -44kg

  Sava Antic U18 -73kg

  Daniel Maman U21 -81kg

On Sunday taking to the mat will be Candice Driscoll in U16 and Elicia Lin, Allayah Copeland, Aidos Sapenov, Christian Dametto, Sean Long, Sava Antic, Daniel Maman, Danil Neyolov, Mathieu Lemay and Luka Khatelishvili all in the Senior competition .


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