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Draft Nominations 2022-23 Quest for Gold Funding

The draft nominations and ranking list for the 2022-23 Quest for Gold program are included below. Please review the information and contact the Quest for Gold Committee Chair James Cunningham ( with any questions or concerns.

The Quest for Gold selection criteria (Quest for Gold - Selection Document) lists the details on the calculation of rankings and the selection process for each category. What is listed below is the summary of the selection decisions. Only athletes who applied by the deadline and were considered eligible are included in the ranking lists.

Any questions for appeals must be received by April 28th, 2023. Once any appeals are completed, a final list will be published, and funds distributed to athletes following the completion of athlete agreements.

Draft Nomination List and Selection Process

Draft Ranking List

QfG - Draft Ranking List - 2023_04_21
Download XLSX • 17KB

Appeals Process

Full details on the appeals process are included in the Quest For Gold 2022-23 Selection Criteria document. Below is a summary of relevant details.

  1. Appeals are limited strictly to issues related to:

    1. Whether or not the Selection Committee has completed the selection process in accordance with its own published selection criteria and related procedures;

    2. Whether or not the Selection Committee applied the selection criteria in a manner that was free from bias, discrimination and/or conflict of interest.

  2. Issues related to the specific content or selection requirements contained in the Judo Ontario Selection Criteria are not grounds for an appeal and should therefore be discussed directly with the leadership of Judo Ontario.

  3. Prior to filling a Notice of Appeal, the athlete or parent/guardian must first contact Judo Ontario requesting reasons explaining why he/she/they were not nominated for an Ontario Card. To request reasons for non-selection, please contact the Quest for Gold Committee Chair – James Cunningham (

  4. If the athlete is not satisfied with the initial response, the athlete may submit a Notice of Appeal, found in the Quest for Gold Selection Criteria document.

  5. The Notice of Appeal must be filled with Judo Ontario by April 28th, 2023.


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