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2022 Judo Ontario AGM and Elections

08 July 2022

Dear Yudansha Members and Dojo Shus,

I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy and are enjoying the summer weather. The 2022 Judo Ontario AGM, Constitution Meeting and Elections will take place on Sunday, September 11th, 2022.

The Elections Committee overseeing this year’s Board elections is committed to a smooth and transparent electoral process.

Please review the important information contained in this package and take the time to carefully read the instructions.

Pay careful attention to all deadlines and requirements to ensure that any declaration of candidacy is valid.

This package includes the following:

  1. Declaration of Candidacy Forms and related deadlines for submissions.

  2. Board Job Descriptions: President, VP-Finance, VP-Operations, VP-Technical,– VP-Gender Equity/Regions

Judo Ontario will publish a list of all candidates and distribute election voting materials at least 30 days prior to the election date. If you have any questions concerning the information supplied in this package please email the Judo Ontario office at


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