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2020 Judo Ontario Election Candidates

Dear, Dojoshus & Black Belts:

The Judo Ontario Elections Committee has sought to fill the following Board positions in accordance with the by-laws governing their vacancies.

1. President

2. Vice-President Finance

3. Vice-President Operations

4. Vice President Technical

5. Vice-President Gender Equity/Regions

In accordance with Section 4.4.2 of the Judo Ontario by-laws, the deadline to submit Declarations of Candidacy was 31 July 2020. Judo Ontario received declarations to fill four out of the five positions from the following individuals:

1. President – Brian Kalsen (Acclaimed)

2. Vice-President Finance - Heather West (Acclaimed)

3. Vice-President Technical - Jim Peterkin (Acclaimed)

4. Vice-President Gender Equity/Regions (No Candidates)

5. Vice President Operations

i. Justin Chan

ii. Sue Sokol

Since only a single Declaration was received for President, VP Finance, VP Technical, all those Candidates have been elected by Acclamation. A vote will be required for the position of Vice President Operations. Congratulations and best wishes are extended to acclaimed Board members – Brian Kalsen, Heather West, and Jim Peterkin. VP of Operations candidate's resumes can be downloaded below.

Election packages and ballots will be mailed and emailed out shortly.

An official announcement of the results of this election will be made at the AGM on 13 September 2020 and, following the AGM, posted on the Judo Ontario website. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Judo Ontario office at: 416-447-5836, Toll Free 1-855-449-5836.

Yours in Judo,

Steven Sheffield, Sport Director Judo Ontario

2020 Justin Chan BIO
Download PDF • 320KB

Susan Sokol resume 2020
Download PDF • 364KB


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