Membership has its privileges

When you join Judo Ontario you are joining some of the most passionate and experienced martial artists in Canada... and the world.

Descriptions of membership levels are provided below the fees table.

2018/2019 Season

For the season starting on September 1, 2018 and ending on August 31, 2019, the following membership structure and fees will apply.

* The age will be calculated as per the age of the member on December 31, 2019

Membership TypesAgeJudo Ontario FeeJudo Canada PortionHSTTotal
Mudansha Non-Black Belt
21+21 and older$76.00$25.00$9.88$110.88
Yudansha Black Belt and Up
21+21 and older$117.00$25.00$15.21$157.21
12 Week Introductory Membership
All ages **$10.00$5.00$1.30$16.30
Club Fee
Club Fee$165.00N/A$21.45$186.45

Membership Benefits

  • Judo Ontario Black Book
  • Access to all tournaments
  • Access to all Clinics
  • Access to additional training
  • Access to benefits derived from our Technical and Competition committees:
  • Long Term Athlete Development
  • Youth Development
  • High Performance Committee
  • Coaching Development
  • Referee Development
  • Grading Committee
  • Sanctioned Events
  • Event Management & Coordination

Family Discount

Judo Ontario discount on memberships for families of four (4) or more. The first three (3) members pay full price. The fourth membership is entitled to a 50% discount and only applies to the lowest price category of the four memberships. See below conditions.

  1. The first three (3) family members pay full price.
  2. The Fourth (4th) family member pays half-price category.
  3. The half price membership applies to the lowest price category.
  4. Additional family members (more than four) are also entitled to half price membership fees.
  5. Discounts for additional family members (more than four) must also be in the lowest price categories.
  6. There is NO DISCOUNT for the black belt price category, regardless of the number of family members that are black belts.
  7. Each family member must have the same mailing address.
  8. To register for family memberships or for more information, please contact the Judo Ontario office.

** Introductory fees are only for NEW white belt members to try judo for a period of up to 12-weeks with minimal financial investment. After the 12 weeks, those still doing judo must register as a full member. No Judo Canada Membership.

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NEW members creating a profile in the system will need to wait until their club owner verifies their rank in the system before they can actually pay their annual membership.