If you have forgotten your username or password, please use the forgot password utility and DO NOT create a second profile.

If you have never had an online profile with Judo Ontario, please carefully read and follow the directions below.

New Profile Set-up

First-time set-up and payment of Judo Ontario membership is a 3-step process.

1 Create a profile on the website using the member profile creation form. Please ensure your birth date and club name are correct.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Completing the profile set-up form doesn’t make you a member of Judo Ontario, your annual fees must also be paid.
2 The Dojoshu (club owner) reviews your information and sets your rank in the online system. This may take several days. Please ask your Dojoshu about setting your rank in the system.
3 After the information has been reviewed and your rank is set in the system, users (or their Dojoshu) may now log-in pay for their annual membership fees.