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Judo Ontario High Performance Program & Judo Canada RTC

In September of 2012 Judo Ontario launched its High Performance Program (HPP) and its own High Performance Training Centre/Judo Canada Regional Training Centre (RTC) which provides High Performance Team Members the opportunity to train at least 3 times per week, in addition to their own club trainings.  The Judo Ontario HPP athletes are training an average of 10 hours/week. These sessions are run by the Provincial and Judo Canada RTC Coach, Pedro Guedes.  Additionally, Judo Ontario continues the practice of monthly Provincial Trainings, Open Mat Trainings and Women Only Trainings.

The selection to be a member of the Judo Ontario High Performance Program is made by the Judo Ontario High Performance Committee and the Provincial Coach, based on the athlete’s past results, training commitment, personal coach support, participation at Judo Ontario Youth Academy (JOYA), and at the Judo Ontario Talent Development Camps (JOTD). The program has 30 athletes from 15 clubs of which 6 athletes are targeted to focus on competing at the Cadet and Junior World Championships, Youth Olympic Games, Youth Continental Championships, and Youth European Tournaments. All the athletes enrolled in the HPP program must be competing at least at a National level.

The Judo Ontario High Performance Program holds mandatory trainings Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays in addition to the athlete’s regular club trainings. For athletes living in Toronto and the eastern GTA, the morning trainings on Wednesdays are also required. These trainings are open ONLY to selected members of the High Performance Program. Acceptance to the Judo Ontario High Performance Program must have the authorization from the personal coach and parents if the athlete is a minor.

An athlete selected for the Judo Ontario High Performance Program will be required to sign an athlete contract which must be co-signed by the athlete’s coach and parent(s)/guardian in the case of a minor.  The athlete’s failure to comply with their contractual obligations will result in removal from the Program.  Please refer to the Judo Ontario Athlete’s Handbook, which outlines the HPP athlete’s obligations.

Judo Ontario & Judo Canada RTC Training Structure


Judo Ontario/Judo Canada RTC

Training Pathway


Image of pyramid showing clubs as the wide base, the regional training centre in the middle, then the national training centre at the top.


Judo Ontario Youth Academy (JOYA)

The Judo Ontario Youth Academy was developed to U14 and U16 athletes that are aiming to be High Performance athletes, and consequently selected to the Judo Ontario High Performance Program. The Youth Academy started on September of 2015 on Saturdays from 4 to 6pm at the Judo Ontario/Judo Canada Regional Training Centre. The main goal of the Youth Academy is to provide the LTAD specific training for U14 and U16 train to train & train to compete, and facilitate a better transition from the Youth Academy into the Judo Ontario High Performance Program.

The Judo Ontario Youth Academy is opened to any U14-U16 athlete orange belt and up competing in provincial and national tournaments in a good standing with the association.

Athletes interested in joining the Academy should contact the Judo Ontario office and register themselves filling the registration form available at the website.

Once join the Academy the athletes are expected to attend their club schedule as well as the Academy schedule, and the Judo Ontario Talent Development Camps (JOTD).

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Judo Ontario Youth Academy: athletes born on (2006-2005-2004-2003)

Judo Ontario Talent Development (JOTD)

The Judo Ontario Talent Development Camp is designed to provide a unique experience of training, testing, and talent identification to all U14-U16 Judo Ontario athletes aiming to compete at provincial and national level. There will be 4 camps during the 2017-18 season. These camps are open to male and female athletes U14 &U16 orange belt and up.

Judo Ontario Talent Development Camp: athletes born on (2006-2005-2004-2003)

Judo Ontario/Judo Canada Women Only Training

Through the 2017-18 season there will be four All Women trainings held at the Judo Ontario/Judo Canada RTC at the Toronto Pan American Centre. The trainings are open to women from U12/orange belt and up and including Veterans.
Running in October, January, March, and April, check the event calendar for dates.

Judo Ontario Provincial Training

Provincial Team Trainings:  The Provincial Team Trainings are split in 2 sessions, one for ONLY U14/U16 (born in 2006-2005-2004-2003, orange belt and up), and one session U18/U21/SR (born 2002 and before, green belt and up).

Judo Ontario Open Mat Training

The Open Mat trainings are ONLY for U18 and up (green belt and up) and is open for all Judo Ontario members in a good standing. Personal coaches are allowed on the mat.

Judo Ontario Veteran's Training

Weekly training sessions for mature athletes, 25 years and older with their green belt or higher. The main goal of the Veterans training is to offer classes for Veteran athletes that are still interested in training and getting together with friends on the mat.
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Ne Waza Trainings

This year Judo Ontario is pleased to start a new weekly program designed to develop groundwork.
These practices will run on Thursday nights from 9-10 pm 
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