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Dear Members of Judo Ontario,

We are excited to announce that after reviewing the new Order from the Government of Ontario with consultation from the Ministry and our legal committee, judo will be able to move back to indoor classes. Contact without masks will be allowed if covid screening and safety protocols in the attached “Return to Judo Step 3 & 4 Policy” are followed. It is the responsibility of each club to comply with your Local Municipal Governments, as regulation can vary.

We understand that navigating through all these stages and steps, along with varied regulations municipalities have, has been quite challenging and thank you for your patience and support. This is a big step to getting back to practicing the sport of judo we all love and bring some normalcy back into our lives.

In the policy we have also added a section on a “Gradual Approach to Returning to Judo Training Safely”.

We are watching closely these ever-changing protocols and safety guidelines and will keep you posted as changes are made.

Yours in Judo,

Brian Kalsen

President Judo Ontario

Please click HERE for the Covid-19: Return to Judo Step 3 & 4 Policy.

Please click HERE for Covid-19 signage and additional information for clubs reopening

If you have any questions regarding the new policy or the reopening of judo in the province of Ontario please email:


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