Judo Ontario is a non-profit organization recognized by Judo Canada and the Ministry of Health Promotions and Sport as the provincial governing body for the sport of judo in Ontario.

Application Deadline: February 19th, 2021

Position: Technical Coach/Director

Skills, Knowledge, Training and Experience:

  • 3 years of experience coaching judo at the national and international level.

  • Completion of National Coaching Certification Comp Dev. (Level 3) or equivalent.

  • Knowledge and compliance of all Judo Canada and Judo Ontario rules.

  • Candidates should possess strong administrative and organizational skills and independent work ethic.

  • Excellent computer skills and strong knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel are essential.

  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team of coaches.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • A post-secondary degree is considered an asset.

  • This position requires a criminal background check.

Salary Range: Commensurate with experience

Type of Position: This is a full time, 3-year contract position

Please note only applicants being interviewed will be contacted.

Applications with resume and cover letter including salary expectations, should be submitted by February 19th, 2021

Steven Sheffield, Sport Director (Judo Ontario) E-mail:

Tel: 416 447-5836 - Fax: 416 449-5836 - Web:

Job Description

Administrative Responsibilities

To administratively support all technical programs that is under Judo Ontario jurisdiction. Support the Sport Director and volunteers in the development and delivery of Judo Ontario Technical Programs.

Judo Ontario HPP and Judo Canada

Assist the Sport Director as necessary with the day-to-day financial management of Judo Ontario Technical Programs.

Volunteers & Committees

Work with the Sport Director and the President to support the Board of Directors, and other Technical Committees as assigned.


Providing technical information and articles to the web site and newsletter

Office Supervision

When requested, work with the Sport Director to plan and organize the work of part-time or summer staff and participates in the selection, training and evaluation.

Serve as a liaison between Judo Ontario and the CSIO in terms of all HP, OHPSI, and Sport Science/Sport Medicine-related matters.

External Relations

Have some responsibilities for external relations for Judo Ontario with the following organizations:

  • CSIO – Canadian Sport Institute - Ontario

  • Judo Canada

  • Sponsors

  • Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries

  • Coach Association of Canada

  • Coach Association of Ontario


Will be required to assist the Sport Director and event organizing committees with the management of Judo Ontario events i.e., Annual General Meetings, competitions, coach development courses, seminars, and training camps



The Judo Ontario Technical Coach/Director is responsible for the implementation of Technical Programs as approved by the Board of Directors of Judo Ontario.

Coaching Responsibilities

Conducting training camps where competition skills are demonstrated to athletes and coaching techniques are demonstrated for coaches, (A schedule would be posted on the Judo Ontario website in order to provide notice to athletes and coaches in the area).

Responsible for the planning and help with the delivery of all Judo Ontario High Performance Program activities.

Work with Judo Canada to effectively manage the Judo Canada Regional Training Centre/Ontario High Performance Training Centre.


  • Prepare training camp plan for the entire year with agendas (periodization)

  • Run high level training camps in various locations

  • Give instruction on advanced skills

  • Present tactics and strategies

  • Organize location of camps

  • Team building

  • Evaluate athlete’s judo fitness and test for improvements

  • Develop training programs - Create individual yearly training plans (in/out of season) Note: The training programs should be specific to the person and to their current goals. These programs should include but are not limited to:

  • Weight training

  • Cross training

  • Nutrition

  • Goal setting

  • Relaxation / focus techniques

  • Or arrange for professionals in all the above areas (at Training Center)

  • Develop annual training programs for designated athletes in coordination with Personal Coaches.

  • Coordinating travel arrangements for selected athletes and coaches.

  • Prepare performance reports or summaries.

  • Liaise with Judo Canada and National Coaches in the effective management of the Judo Canada Regional Training Centre and other Judo Canada activities as required.

  • Liaise with the Toronto Pan Am Sport Centre and the continuation of a permanent judo training centre at the facility.

  • Promote of the LTDM as approved by Judo Ontario and Judo Canada.

  • Promote the Canadian judo integration message as approved in the Strategic Plan of Judo Canada.

  • Frequently communicate with interested and approved parties (personnel, judo clubs, athletes), providing them with updates on programs offered by Judo Ontario and Judo Canada, as well as technical updates, tournament flyers, etc.

  • Observe and assess the local judo environment to identify areas that could be improved.

  • Pursue the required qualifications (as per Judo Canada’s National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and at the CSIO through the Advance Coach Diploma) and serve as a Facilitator and Evaluator of the New NCCP Dojo Assistant and Dojo Instructor learning experiences.

  • Mentor and coach the coaches/instructors in the region.

  • Promote elite judo programs and deliver training sessions, for U21/U18/U16 under joined jurisdiction and auspices of Judo Ontario and Judo Canada.

  • Visit judo clubs around Ontario, running training sessions, identifying talented, and working to integrate them into JO programs

  • Club outreach will be done 4 times per month in various clubs and regions

  • Host 4 age-specific training camps at the JO TPASC centre bringing talented Learn-To-Train and Train-to-Train athletes together in a high-performance training environment

  • Scout the regions for potential exceptionally talented competitors and contact their parents with information needed to improve the athlete’s chances to progress and succeed at elite competitive level. Athletes so identified should be offered from the coach an individualized training program that is consistent with standards promoted in the LTDM. Such programs must be developed in conjunction with club coaches of these athletes.

  • When needed arrange for specific educational counseling in identified areas such as nutrition, mental training, strength training, etc.

  • Available for extensive travel with team (approx. 20 weeks per year).

  • Require extensive travel across the province, country and international.

  • Constantly travel to the NTC in Montreal. Attend the Judo Canada domestic circuit. Travel with the National team when required.


Performs other related duties as assigned.

Mon-Fri: 9.00-17.00
Toronto Pan Am Centre
875 Morningside Avenue
Suite 2040
Scarborough ON
M1C 0C7
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