Strategic Plan


To foster, promote and regulate the sport of Judo in Ontario in conjunction with all other associations and groups fostering and promoting the same in other Provinces.  To arrange training, matches, contests, tournaments, competitions, exhibitions, demonstrations, clinics and courses of study of every nature and kind whatsoever relating to the sport of Judo. To promote, encourage and regulate, subject to the rules of Judo Canada,  the training, grading and testing of Judoka, referees, judges, coaches, and other tournament officials in the Province of Ontario.  To contribute towards prizes, awards and to encourage competitions and proficiency in the sport of Judo.  To provide for the regulation, regimentation and admission into membership of Judo clubs and Associations.  To follow, promote and regulate the teaching and practices and objectives of Kodokan Judo and to teach and encourage the physical, mental and spiritual objectives of Judo as formulated by the late Dr. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.


Judo Ontario is an association where dedicated volunteers and professional staff provide leadership, athlete development and promotion of positive Judo experiences for all Ontarians.


To be the leader in Canadian Judo by tripling our membership, increasing our membership services and dominating competitively on the national and international scene.


  • Judo creates a positive experience for all participants in a safe environment
  • Judo develops Life skills which will benefit participants throughout their life
  • Judo gives an opportunity to all Ontarian’s regardless of age, gender colour, race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, social economic status
  • Judo develops dignity, confidence, and self-esteem through the discipline of Judo
  • Judo promotes the team work necessary for individual success
  • Judo teaches the principle of mutual welfare and benefit
  • Judo teaches the application of maximum efficiency in all aspects of life
2018-19 Operational Plan