Refereeing and Kata Judging Rules and Regulations


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2019 Novice Ne-Waza
Ne-Waza Rules Where Shime-Waza & Kansetsu-Waza are Not Allowed
2019 IJF Kata Evaluation
2018 IJF Sport & Organization Rules
2018-19 JO Tournament Regulations Matrix,
A quick guide to the 2018-19 Judo Ontario Age-specific Tournament Regulations
2018 Newaza Rules
Updated May 2018
Explanatory Guide of the new IJF Rules (( MAR 2018)
The new IJF Rules explained in words & pictures
Judo Ontario Referee Pathway to Excellence
Judo Canada Regulation - Head covering
Judo Canada Back Patch Regulations
2015-16 Judo Canada Judogi Regulations
Judo Canada’s 2015-16 modifications to the IJF Judogi sizing regulations.