Constitutional Amendment Meeting

Wednesday July 15th, 2009


To:        Judo Ontario Members
From:    Mohamad Hassani, Secretary General 
Re:       Amendments to the Constitution 
The voting for the Amendments to the Constitution at the July 11, 2009 meeting was not held and have been tabled.  There were several questions raised at the meeting and they are listed below:
Question 1:  Are mail-in-votes permitted on constitutional amendments? 
Response:   In accordance with the Constitution (passed Kingston 2006) voting on amendments by mail-in-votes are permittted.
Question 2:  Did the Board approve the Amendments to the Constitution?   
Response:   Yes, in a Board Meeting on April 9, 2009 the Board approved the Amendments.
Question 3:  Does, the mail-in-vote contravene the Corporations Act?    
Response:   The Constitution Committee will research?  
Question 4:   Will the Constitution Chair accept a proposal to introduce Proxy voting?
Response:    The Chair accepted the proposal as written by Joe Seriani and co-signed by 5 members and will investigate the subject of Proxy Voting.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, we appreciate the opportunity to show the membership that in the future the necessary steps will be taken to ensure a proper vote and that the process will be conducted in accordance with the Constitution and Corporations Act and the voting results will reflect the will of the membership.  

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