A message from the Judo Ontario web development team

Monday January 26th, 2009

Hi everyone,


Chris here from the Judo Ontario Web Development team. We've been working hard on all sorts of things behind the scenes to bring you many new and exciting features for the Judo Ontario website, as well as tighten up some old issues.


We appreciate all the positive feedback we have been receiving and are working hard to fix any issues users are having. As many of you know, it takes time to build a professional website, not to mention the systems needed to make things run smoothly.


Some of the more major things we have been working on for the last few months:


1. We built a new infrastructure in Code Ignitor for better, faster development

2. We built the 'Group" transaction feature into the system for event and member registrations

3. We are enhancing the User Profile section to add some much needed functionality including:

- Printing off individual online transaction for proof of payment

- A messaging system

- A trouble ticket system if you have any issues you'd like dealt with

4. We are going to create tools that the individual club owners can use to manage their own events

5. Expand the Juniors section to add more exciting youth oriented content

6. Develop an NCCP content section


There are many more smaller features we are currently involved in building, and we'll let you know when we release them.


Some important things we need you to remember


1. Dojo Shu's, please remember to update your club members belt level when they get a promotion. Just log-in to your account, select the member from your club list, and change their belt. Don't forget to 'Save' when you are done. Our registration system ensures you can only register for the divisions you qualify for... and it is all based around your Profile... so please ensure you keep your profile up to date.


2. If you are having issues with your account, please do NOT create a new, second one. We need to keep the database as clean as possible, and adding multiple accounts for the same user will cause issues at registration time. Simply contact us to have your issue resolved in a timely manner.


3. Read the FAQs to see if your question is already answered.


With your help we can make the Judo Ontario website the best out there!


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