Judo Ontario moves offices

Monday November 24th, 2008

The Judo Ontario Office is finally Moving. The new office is located about 2km from our old office. The office will therefore be interrupted due to this move and there will be very limited service in the coming week. Please see below for the more details:


Monday, November 24   

This will be the last day we can send or receive FAXs. It will also be the last day we will have access to our copier.


Tuesday, November 25

Copier, printer, FAX machine will be moved to the new location.


Wednesday, November 26

Final packing day - no phone or computer services


Thursday, November 27

The office will be physically relocated this date


Friday, November 28       

Unpacking at the new office - no phone or computer services


Monday, December 1

Setting up new office - phone will be connected late in the day


Tuesday, December 2

New office should be back to normal! - all services available



New Address:

3 Concorde Gate, Suite 305

Toronto, Ontario

M3C 3N7


Phone numbers remain the same:    

416 426-7006 PHONE

416 426-7390 FAX

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