Tuesday November 11th, 2008


In recent years, Mara has represented Judo with distinction.  She has frequently medaled locally and internationally in both Kata and fighting divisions. She is a sixth degree black belt and head coach of M&D Siladi Judo Club in Waterloo, which she runs together with my son David.  She is also the female coach for the Southwest Region of Judo Ontario.

In 2008, she received the "Spirit of Judo" award, given by the World Masters Judo Association. Only a small number of athletes in the world have received this award. The award was given in honour of judo achievement and five consecutive years of maintaining first place in the world.

Also in 2008, she received the Sport and Recreation award at the Kitchener-Waterloo Women of the Year Awards.

 We are very lucky in Ontario to have Mara representing us and contributing to the sport of Judo.  Her efforts in teaching, coaching, and competition provide a great role model for our younger athletes, especially our female athletes. Below is a list of her most recent accomplishments: 

Pan-American Senior Championships 

2007 (Canada)
- 1 bronze medal (in goshin jitsu)

World Masters Judo Championships Results

2008 (Belgium)
- 1 gold medal (in -57 kg division)
- 2 bronze medals (in open weight division and team competition)

2007 (Brazil)
- 1 gold medal (in -57 kg division)
- 1 silver medal (in open weight division)
- 1 bronze medal (in team competition) because Canadians did not have a team, she fought as a member of the U.S. team and also against much younger competitors (i.e. F1 and F2) 

2006 (France)
- 2 gold medals (in -57 kg and open weight divisions)

2005 (Canada)
- 2 gold medals (in -63 kg and Koshiki no Kata)
- 1 bronze medal (in open weight division)

2004 (Austria)
- 2 gold medals (in the -63 kg and Goshin Jitsu)
- 2 silver medals (in open weight category and mixed age)
- 1 bronze medal (in Katame no kata)

Pan-American Masters Championships

2007 (Canada)
-1 gold medal (in open weight division)

2004 (Canada)
- 3 gold medals (in the -63 kg, open weight and team divisions)

Canadian Senior National Championships

2005 (St. John’s)
- 1 silver medal (in goshin jitsu)

2004 (Kitchener)
- 1 bronze medal (in goshin jitsu)  She also won 5 medals at the All Women’s Championships

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