Membership Growth Incentive Plans

Wednesday August 15th, 2018


Judo Ontario is committed to increasing our membership numbers year over year and is pleased to offer programs to help increase our membership by encouraging new clubs to register and existing clubs to increase their membership.  The programs are carefully designed to not draw membership away from existing clubs.

An important note for the programs below. A new member is defined as an annual member who has not previously been registered with Judo Ontario (except for members upgrading from introductory membership within their first Judo Season).

NEW Club Incentive Program

Judo Ontario has identified the five (5) cities in the table below that have large populations, but no currently registered judo clubs.  For the 2018-2019 judo season, New clubs that start-up in these cities as well as the North and Northwest regions (except Thunder Bay) can be eligable to receive rebates.


Max # of New Clubs Eligible


Up to 4 New Clubs

St. Catharines

Up to 4 New Clubs


Up to 2 New Clubs


Only a 1 new club


Only 1 New Club


New Club Growth Program Details

New clubs located in the specified geographies (plus the North & Northwest Regions except Thunder Bay) with 10 annual members (not including the Dojoshu) registered before the end of November can qualify for a Start-up Rebate of $300.

Starting at 30 New members, the new club can also qualify for up to $300 per 20 new members who are registered by July 31st of the club’s initial year of operation. 


  • Only New Clubs in the specified Geographies (London, St. Catharines, Oakville, Belleville, Brantford and the North or Northwest Regions (excluding Thunder Bay)
  • New Members:
    • The initial 10 new members must be annual members and new to Judo Ontario and registered by Nov 30th
    • The additional new members in groups of 20 must be paid-up members by July 31st
    • Partial membership number levels are not pro-rated and will be assessed at the lower number (eg. 35 new members will be eligible at the 20 new member levels not 40).
  • The Dojoshu must not be a Dojoshu in another club
  • The Dojoshu must meet all regular requirements to be a dojoshu


Dojoshus of New clubs wishing to apply for rebates need to contact Judo Ontario at by November 30th to apply for the $300 Start-up Rebate.  Where there are max number of clubs eligible, applications will be considered on a first-come first-serve basis.  New clubs that apply for the Start-up Rebate are automatically applied for the year/season end rebate.

EXISTING Club Incentive Program

Existing clubs can also qualify for rebates for membership growth of $300 per 20 new members.  As with the new club program, growth must come from new annual members to Judo Ontario that are over and above the number of annual members the club had as of July 31st of the previous judo season.


  • Both the Club and Dojoshu must be paid up by Sept 1st
  • The club must have attained their total annual membership numbers as at Jul 31st of the previous season by Oct 31st to be eligible to apply for the program
  • The Dojoshu submits an application to growth program by e-mailing Judo Ontario at by Nov 30th
  • The Dojoshu must not be a Dojoshu in another club
  • The Dojoshu must meet all regular requirements to be a dojoshu


The Dojoshu submits an application to the incentive program by e-mailing Judo Ontario at by Nov 30th.

Rebate Payouts

The Start-Up Rebates will be verified and processed during the year.  The rebates for end of season numbers for both programs will be verified and processed in August at the end of the season.  Rebates issued will be payable to the Dojoshu.

Additional Incentives

Hatashita has graciously offered to provide additional incentive for new and existing clubs.  Clubs that are successful in obtaining rebates under this incentive program, will also be eligible to receive a one-time $100 discount on an order of $500 or more before taxes.  Additional details on this discount will be communicated to successful clubs.


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