Fee Structure for 2017-2018

Tuesday August 1st, 2017


Last year Judo Ontario decided to not increase fees even though there was a modest increase in Judo Canada fees.  For this coming year however, Judo Canada has restructured to a flat fee of $25 for all regular membership types and is adding a $5 fee for introductory memberships. The Judo Ontario portion of the fees is also being raised by 1.6% to keep up with inflation. You will note that the new structure is raising fees for some membership levels and lowering it for others.

Even though over 80% of members are enjoying the benefits of online registration, significant effort is expended by Judo Ontario processing hard-copy membership registrations.  In order further incentivize online registration, Judo Ontario is instituting a processing fee of $10+HST for each member registering using the hard-copy form.

Please find below the membership fee schedule for the upcoming 2017-2018 judo season.  The fees listed below include all Judo Canada fees and taxes.

2017/2018 Membership Fees Online Registration Hard Copy Registration
Introduction - 12 Weeks  $16.30 $16.30
U8  $82.63 $93.93
U10  $82.63 $93.93
U12  $82.63 $93.93
U14  $82.63 $93.93
U16  $110.88 $122.18
U18  $110.88 $122.18
U21  $110.88 $122.18
21+  $110.88 $122.18
U18 Dan Belt  $157.21 $168.51
U21 Dan Belt  $157.21 $168.51
21+ Dan Belt  $157.21 $168.51

Judo Ontario is also increasing the club fees by 10% in order to keep up with rising insurance costs.  The new annual club fee will be $165 + HST.

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