Tina Takahashi named as Chair of the NGB

Friday February 29th, 2008

Judo Ontario is pleased to announce that Ms. Tina Takahashi has been named as Chair of the National Grading Board. Tina was originally appointed as a committee member of the NGB four years ago by the President of Judo Ontario, Charlie Formosa. She was the first women ever to be appointed to the NGB. 

Recently, the President of Judo Canada, Serge Piquette, appointed Tina to the Chair position. She was extremely pleased and excited about the opportunity to lead this committee. This is a very important position and I'll do my best to represent Judo Canada with distinction.

I would like to thank Judo Ontario for giving me the opportunity to sit on this committee four years ago. I've learned a great deal and have been fortunate to work with a lot of experienced  and high ranking members. I've found this position to be a very rewarding one during my tenure.



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