Kelita Zupancic short one second.

Thursday August 11th, 2016


Our home grown Olympian from Whitby, Kelita Zupancic, placed 7th in her second run at the Olympics.

After a victory over the Georgian, Kelita lost the quarter final to Japanese judoka Haruka Tachimoto, who would go on to win the division. She lost the quarter final in golden score after dominating the regulation time period.

Kelita continued to the repechage, where she fought the number two seeded Austrian. It was a close fight, the Austrian leading with a waza-ari. Kelita almost pulled it around with a 14 second hold down, one second short from earning her own waza-ari.

“I’m leaving with my head held high. It’s all part of the sport.” 

Judo Canada's full article can be found on their website.


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