Important 2015-2016 Fee Announcement

Monday July 27th, 2015


Dear Members,

At our most recent board meeting, the directors hammered out the fee structure for the coming year, 2015-2016.  As with taxes, nothing ever stays the same and generally we all face an increase over the previous year.

In an effort to keep the costs within reason, the actual fees, except for the introductory 12 week program, will remain the same.  What is different is that we have had to add the HST to our fee structure.  In previous years, the HST was rolled into the fee collected by Judo Ontario.  We can no longer afford to do this. 

So how much will we pay Judo Ontario? 

Annual fees:  For Black belts that works out to $0.45/dayMudansha U8-U14$0.20/day; Mudansha U16-21+:  $0.30/day.

Not included in the above is the Judo Canada fee which has increased from last year:

Black Belt                            $36.00

Mudansha, U8-U14         $16.00

Mudansha, U16-21+       $26.00

Putting all this together, here is what you pay for the full year including the Judo Canada fee.

Black Belt                            $165.95

Mudansha, U8-U14         $72.50

Mudansha, U16-21+       $110.75

The Introductory Fee for White Belts of all ages is now $10 plus HST for a total of $11.30  (Note:  This fee may be used as part of a full membership should the judoka decide he or she wishes to continue with the sport beyond the 12 weeks.)

NewSummer Membership, U16-21+

For judoka who have taken most of the year off and want to get back into shape, the board has created a Summer Membership.  The Summer Membership extends from June 1 to August 31.  Brown belts and Black belts will not be able to claim full year membership from this Summer Membership. 

Mudansha Summer Rates:

U8-U14                 $44.25

U16-21+               $68.38

Yudansha Summer Rate:

U16-21+               100.98

Club Fee:

The club fee for the year will be $150 plus HST.  Ie. $169.50.

Dojoshus please note:  No club member may join Judo Ontario until both his dojoshu and his club's fee have been paid.



Judo Ontario Board of Directors

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