Michio Fukushima to visit Ontario/Quebec

Monday January 14th, 2008
Sensei Michio Fukushima will be conducting a number of kata seminars in Quebec and Ontario during his one month stay in Canada. Sensei Fukushima will be arriving in early February and staying until March. He's agreed to visit Montreal's National Training Centre for one week and will be hosted by Sensei Nakamura. In addition, Michio will be hosted by the Takahashi dojo while in Ottawa and Sensei Uemura while visiting the Toronto area. Michio Fukushima is a Kodokan 8th dan and is currently the head kata instructor at the Kodokan Dojo in Japan. He's well versed on all kata's and has travelled internationally to pass on his experience and expertice in the field of kata. Michio has been in charge of kata for 15 years and travels throughout Japan to assist various dojo's. He is a retired Police Chief for the Riot Force Self defense Team. Michio was also a member of the Police Force Team. Please check out the Judo Ontario website, events section, for the dates and times of the upcoming clinics. Judo Ontario would like to thank the Provincial Grading Board for arranging these seminars in Ontario.

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