Canada Winter Games

Friday March 13th, 2015



The first Canada Games in Canadian history was held in Quebec City in February 1967.  This is the largest national multi-sport event to be held in Canada.  In 1967, it hosted over 1800 athletes from 10 provinces and two territories and has since been a key event in the development of young athletes. Judo has been a Canada Games sport since 1971.

In more recent years (since 2003), the Canada Winter Games Judo Event added a team competition in addition to the individual competitions which has become a fierce battle for the podium. Over the past 4 Canada Winter Games, Team Quebec has dominated the podium making the team finals for both men and women at every Games.  In the men’s team competition, Quebec has dominated winning Gold at the 2003, 2007, and      2011 Canada Winter Games. 


In 2015, the landscape of the Canada Winter Games Judo Team Event changed when Judo Ontario’s men won Gold in the team competition by defeating Team Quebec, with a 4-1 victory, for the first time in Canada Winter Games Judo history.  This is a strong indicator of the success of the Judo Ontario Strategic Plan for the High Performance Program and Judo Ontario’s commitment to High Performance Sport.  Also of note, in the individual competitions, the Team Ontario men won Gold in 4 of the 7 divisions.

Not to be overlooked, the Team Ontario women’s judo team, which was plagued by injuries, was able to defeat Manitoba and then steal the bronze medal from British Columbia. It is important to remember that this bronze medal win was accomplished with a team of only 3 of a possible 5 athletes.

In the individual competition, Judo Ontario’s team won 5 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals resulting in a grand total of 11 individual medals out of a possible 14 divisions.  An outstanding performance from these young judoka.

Team Ontario Results from the 2015 Canada Winter Games are as follows:


Yassin Youssef -60kg                       Individual Bronze                             Team Gold

Ethan Vandersanden  -66kg        -                                                              Team Gold

Bradley Langlois -73kg                    Individual Gold                                  Team Gold

Mohab El Nahas -81kg                   Individual Gold                                  Team Gold

Shady El Nahas -90kg                      Individual Gold                                  Team Gold

Kyrlyo Sozin -100kg                         Individual Gold                                  Team Gold

Teodor Bularda +100kg                  -                                                              Team Gold


Carolina Rincon -48kg                     Individual Silver                                Team Bronze

Florence Grenapin -52kg              Individual Bronze                             Team Bronze

Jessica Klimkait -57kg                     Individual Gold                                  Team Bronze

Kira  Fusch -63kg                               Individual Bronze                             Team Bronze

Alina Fusch -70kg                             Individual Silver                                Team Bronze

Allayah Copeland -78kg                 Individual Silver                                Team Bronze

Brianna Trumble +78kg                  -                                                              Team Bronze

These results should be a source of pride to all of the participating athletes, their club coaches, their parents and the Judo Ontario organization as a whole.  Judo Ontario can continue to expect great results for the balance of the 2014-15 season and beyond.

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