A Great Weekend at the Elite 8 2015

Wednesday January 14th, 2015


On January 10th and 11th, 2015 Judo Canada hosted the first ever Elite 8 National Championships in Montreal Quebec. This was an invitation only Canadian Championships. Selection was made by the Judo Canada High Performance Committee and was based on Judo Canada's ranking and point system. Judo Ontario was well represented with 36 U18 athletes and 21 Senior athletes selected.  Judo Ontario’s athletes and clubs had exceptional results on both days.

On Saturday in the U18 age group Judo Ontario athletes received an amazing 6 Gold, 5 Silver and 6 Bronze medals. Additionally, Ontario won the most Gold medals of any province in the U18 age group!  Then, on Sunday in the Senior age group Judo Ontario athletes won a fantastic 3 Gold, 1 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.  Congratulations to all selected Ontario athletes and their senseis.

Special congratulations to Jacob Kendrick for being named the most outstanding U18 male athlete of the tournament and Jessica Klimkait for being named most outstanding 18+ female athlete.

U18 Results                                                                  


Emily Witherow  +70kg

Natalie Rygielski -57kg

Allayah Copeland -70kg

Zacharie Cheng-Boivin -50kg

Daniel Kim -55kg

Benjamin Kendrick -73kg



Kira Fusch -63kg

Eric Opaleychuk -50kg

Sava Antic -60kg

Nikita Rudakov -66kg

Alexander Carrillos +90kg



Liam Teetzel -73kg

Ossama Mahmoud -60kg

Samuel Burt -55kg

Jackson Thorner -50kg

Dontae de Jesus -46kg

Keyano Young -46kg

Maartje Kroes +70kg

+18 Results


Jessica Klimkait -57kg

Youssef Youssef -60kg

Martin Rygielski +100kg



Mohab El Nahas -81kg



Briana McCracken -52kg

Mackenzie Burt -57kg

Emily Burt -63kg

Vadim Dudarev -100kg

Yassin Youssef -60kg

Shady El Nahas -90kg

See the Judo Ontario Facebook page for more photos from the event.

Thank you to Aartje Sheffield for providing the photos.


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