E-mail Policy Changes

Wednesday June 25th, 2014


Action Required Before July 1, 2014

To ensure compliance with new e-mail laws coming into effect and provide you with a better e-mail experience, Judo Ontario is adopting an express permission policy where you must actively subscribe to the e-mail list.  We are also implementing subscription preferences so that you can choose the kinds of e-mails you wish to receive.
To ensure we have your express permission, we require you to confirm your subscription.  Here's how:
  1. Click the link below to open the on-line e-mail subscription form.
  2. Complete the on-line form including your subscription preferences (subscription preferences can also be updated later)
  3. Click the "Subscribe" button on the form which will send you an automatic e-mail with a confirmation link.
  4. Open the automatic e-mail you receive and click the link to confirm your subscription. (If you do not click this link you will not be subscribed.)

If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from Judo Ontario after July 1st, you don't need to do anything.  You will be able to re-subscribe via the Judo Ontario website if you change your mind later.

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