DRAFT List of Quest For Gold Athletes

Wednesday January 15th, 2014


Dear Athletes, 

Below is the Draft List of Quest for Gold Ontario Card Nominations. 
Also attached is the Ontario Card Athlete Handbook which is written by the Ministry of Health, Culture and Sport Promotion (MHCS).  This Handbook is to be read in conjunction with the Quest for Gold Criteria, which you have all previously received and reviewed. 
The Athlete Agreement which each athlete must enter into with Judo Ontario will be sent to you under separate cover.  The points spreadsheet will be posted on the Judo Ontario website along with this announcement. 
Please note the dates in the announcement for online application, appeal, etc.  The MHCS will be firm with these deadlines. 
Congratulations to all the nominees and alternates!
Quest for Gold Committee, Judo Ontario 
Quest for Gold Documents


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