Congratulations Jessica!

Friday August 9th, 2013
Jessica Klimkait is the first ever judo World Champion in any age group for Canada. This is a momentous event for all those closely involved in her career, and a glorious moment of inspiration for all Canadian judoka. From Ottawa, I followed with great emotion and trepidation her fights today. And what a wonderful performer she was! We owe this great moment for Canadian judo first to Jessica and her family, and to Dr. Kevin Doherty, a remarkable judoka, world medalist himself, who has turned into a great coach of the Ajax Budokan Judo Club. I want to thank Pedro Guedes for his work as Ontario's Provincial Coach and RTS for judo Canada. And I want to thank Brian Kalsen, President of Judo Ontario for the great collaboration he has instilled between his Association and Judo Canada. Recently, National Head Coach Nicolas Gill had mentioned to me the great job Judo Ontario had done to support the pre-World Championships training camp in Montreal by sending its best athletes to participate. So, a great thank you to you all, and to Ewan Beaton, Saskatchewan Provincial Coach and Judo Canada RTS  who is coaching in Miami. 
I am sure that Judo Canada President Mike Tamura , and all of us, can agree with the old motto: 
Unity makes strength. L'union fait la force. 
Thank you Jessica for your beautiful gift today to Canadian judo. 
Louis Jani 
High performance Committee 
Judo Canada

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