July Junior European Events - Next Deadline for applications June 20, 2013

Wednesday June 5th, 2013
All applications (document attached) for the following competitions should be sent to Judo Canada’s High Performance Office by e-mail to hpd@judocanada.org.
Applications need to be approved by the applicants' provincial association. To be eligible, athletes must be members in good standing of Judo Canada and have no debt owing to Judo Canada or their Provincial association. 
Selection criteria for events with limited entries:
World Ranking
Judo Canada Ranking
Training Commitment
Submission Deadline: June 20 2013
G: Junior European Cup, Liberec, CZE - 27-28/07/2013
     EJU TC Juniors, Liberec, CZE - 29/07-1/08/2013
G: Junior European Cup, Berlin, GER - 3-4/08/2013
     EJU TC Juniors, Berlin, GER - 5-8/08/2013
Selection and JC Funding to be confirmed after the 2013 Nationals

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