Hatashita Club Championships

Monday April 29th, 2013

On Wednesday, March 6th, Judo Ontario and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre hosted the first ever Hatashita Club Championships at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.  
The event was held in the impressive Kobayashi Hall with a single mat area lit by spot lights.  The scoreboard was projected on a huge screen across a wall, and the room was set up with grandstand style seating. A large crowd was entertained by exciting closely fought team matches. The atmosphere was amped up with excitement as each team was introduced and then as each competitor was introduced before their match. The main sponsor Roman Hatashita presented the winning team from the JCCC with beautiful trophies.
The competition was very tough and competitive with each team bringing five athletes, three male and two female.  

The following four teams challenged for the title:

1st place - JCCC Judo Kai
2nd place - Kawasaki Rendokan
3rd place - Ajax Budokan
4th place - Taifu
Congratulations to all competitors.  Thanks to all organizers, referees, volunteers and the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre.  Judo Ontario is looking forward to the next spectacular event.

Photos by Lea Sheffield


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