Awards & Constitution Meeting

Tuesday October 9th, 2012

On November 10th, in conjunction with the Youth International tournament in Brampton, there will be an awards ceremony starting at 7:30 and a constitution meeting to address the following suggested changes to the constitution:

• 4.1.1. Remove “VP training “ (that’s the only change)

• 4.1.2 Will read “The Judo Canada Regional Director for Ontario will be elected, will not be an Executive, and will, at the request of the Executive Committee, submit any reports related to such role to the Executive Committee.”

• 4.4.3 Just leave Treasure and Secretary. Later motions will change the titles.

• 5.8 Remove “the Referee Committee”

• 5.9 “ The VP (Competitions) shall be responsible for event management including but not limited to, assurance of competent conduct of events, event sanctioning, application of Judo Ontario’s age specific Rules/Regulations (including exception to the IJF Contest Rules, but if desired, he/she may delegate the responsibility to the Referee Committee), and the overseeing of the Referee Committee. He/She shall act as the Athlete’s representative on the Executive Committee.”

• 5.10 add “membership,” before the words “risk management”

• 5.2.2 “All officers should be ex-officio members of any standing or ad-hoc committee for which they are responsible.”

• Remove the position of First Vice-president from the entire document

• Change Treasurer to VP-Finance in entire document

• Change Secretary General to VP Administration

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