Judo Ontario Election Results

Tuesday September 11th, 2012

As the Chair of the Election Committee, I am pleased to report the results of the 2012 Elections to the membership of Judo Ontario.

Insofar as Judo Ontario only received one Declaration of Candidacy for the positions of President, Treasurer and Vice-President, Operations, the candidates for these three positions have been elected by Acclamation.

President                                              Brian Kalsen (Elected by Acclamation)

Treasurer                                              Gary Boutilier (Elected by Acclamation)

Vice-President, Operations              Doug Wilson (Elected by Acclamation)

Voting took place for the position of Vice-President, Technical and for the non-Board position of Judo Canada Director – Ontario Region with the following results.

Voting for Vice-President, Technical


Total Ballots Cast


Spoiled Ballots


Angus, Ron


Sheffield, Aartje *




Voting for Judo Canada Director – Ontario Region


Total Ballots Cast


Spoiled Ballots


Doherty, Kevin *


Weldon, Craig



* Consequently, as the above results indicate, Aartje Sheffield is declared elected as the Vice-President, Technical and Kevin Doherty is declared elected the Judo Canada Director – Ontario Region.

In closing, I would like to acknowledge and thank staff member Sue Gribben and the scrutineers – Tracy Angus, Steven Sheffield, Sue Sokol and Doug Wilson –whose valuable and cheerful assistance during the verification process and final ballot count made these tasks much easier.


Yours in Judo,
Frank J. Vossen
Chair, 2012 Election Committee

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