Announcement of Candidates

Thursday August 9th, 2012

Dear Yudansha Members and Dojo Shus,

As the Chair of the Election Committee, I am reporting to the membership of Judo Ontario that the 2012 Election Committee sought to fill the following four Board positions as well as candidates for the position of Judo Canada Director for Ontario in accordance with the by-laws governing their vacancies.

1.    President
2.    Treasurer
3.    Vice-President, Operations
4.    Vice-President, Technical
5.    Judo Canada Director - Ontario Region (a Non-Board position)

In accordance with Section 4.4.2 of the Judo Ontario By-laws, the deadline to submit Declarations of Candidacy was August 1, 2012.  Judo Ontario received Declarations of Candidacy to fill the four Board positions and the Judo Canada Director-Ontario Region position from the following individuals:

Brian Kalsen for President (Elected by Acclamation)
Gary Boutilier for Treasurer (Elected by Acclamation)
Doug Wilson for Vice-President, Operations (Elected by Acclamation)
Ron Angus for Vice-President, Technical
Aartje Sheffield for Vice-President, Technical
Kevin Doherty for Judo Canada Director - Ontario Region
Craig Weldon for Judo Canada Director - Ontario Region

Insofar as Judo Ontario did not receive any other Candidate Declarations for the positions of President, Treasurer and Vice President, Operations by the designated deadline date of August 1, 2012, the candidates for these three positions will be deemed to have been elected by Acclamation.   A vote by the membership will be required for the positions of Vice-President, Technical and Judo Canada Director - Ontario Region.

An election package for Yudanshas and Club-Designated Regular Members (usually a Dojo-Shu) for the two contested positions has been sent to you by Canada Post and should arrive in the next few days. The package contains the ballots and voting instructions. The ballots can be mailed in using the pre-addressed envelope or you can bring them to the AGM if you wish to vote in person.

If you do not receive an election package within the next seven workdays and you feel that you are entitled to one, please contact the Judo Ontario office at the telephone numbers or e-mail address listed in the above header.

An official announcement of the election results will also be made at the Annual General Meeting and Elections on 9 September 2012.  The results will also be sent electronically to all Yudansha members and posted on the Judo Ontario website following the Annual General Meeting.

Yours in Judo,

Frank J. Vossen
Chair, 2012 Election Committee

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