Attending or Officiating at Unsanctioned or Non-Judo Ontario Events

Friday June 22nd, 2012

Athletes who wish to participate in unsanctioned events, even if sanctioned by other sports associations, may do so, however in doing so they must understand that they do so at their own risk without reliance on Judo Ontario insurance.  Other than Judo Canada, the provincial judo associations and international judo associations recognized by Judo Canada (e.g. IJF), Judo Ontario does not have any official relationships with other martial arts or sports organizations.  Therefore, Judo Ontario cannot and will not be held responsible for the safety of athletes attending non-Judo Ontario sanctioned events.

Athletes who participate and get injured in such events are NOT covered by Judo Ontario insurance.  Also, athletes are required to report these injuries (sometimes called cross-training injuries) to their dojoshu and provincial coaches before resuming judo classes or training.

Judo Ontario officials including, but not limited to, referees, board/committee members, and staff MAY NOT officiate or make representations that they are representing Judo Ontario in any capacity at such events.  Judo Ontario officials found to be in violation will be subject to disciplinary action.

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