Online Group Registrations Now Available

Tuesday September 13th, 2011
Online Group Registrations/Renewals are Now Open

Dojoshus may register on behalf of a group (or even all) of their members.  However, the process for online group registration has changed.  For member registrations to be complete, the members must log-in and agree to the liability waiver before the system will complete the registration. 

The new proces is:

(1) The Dojoshu logs in to their account.

(2) From the Dashboard, they select 'Club Members' from the right side menu

(3) This will show a list of all members affiliated with their club.  They check the boxes next to the names of the judoka they want to renew memberships for

(4) This sends an email to those members, which they need to follow the instructions to sign off on the waiver.

(5) Once all waivers are accepted, the Dojoshu may continue with completing the group registration process.  (Members who have agreed to the waiver will show up as green in the group renewal list.

Online Club Renewals
are still unavailable while upgrades are being completed.  More information will be provided shortly.

The membership rates for for the 2011-2012 season can be found at:

Best regards,
Judo Ontario

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