Central West Region election

Tuesday September 14th, 2010


August 20, 2010 Announced on Judo Ontario Web Site more than 30 days prior to Elections.

Kawasaki Rendokan

45 Hempstead Drive
Hamilton On

Meeting was called to order 7:35pm.

A quorum was reached with 9 Black Belts present.

Treasurers Report:

Ezio informed us that the CW Region has $633.90 as of August 16, 2010 in the account. This money was derived from previous CW Region administrators and the Ontario Winter Games Qualifier. It was decided not to disperse any funds to the Team Representing the CW Region at the Ontario Winter Games as the quota was opened up after our qualifier had been completed.

Grading Report was given verbally by Duncan Vignale

Referee's Report was handed out by Ron Hampson

Elections were for only one position: Regional Director/Regional Representative

Duncan nominated Ron Hampson
Tony Kelly seconded

All in favour vote was unanimous 9-0 for no one against.


Calendar of Events should be first Priority.
Motion by Vito Maselli to adjourn at 8:17 pm.
Seconded by Linda Maselli Jackman
All in favour vote 9-0

Meeting was adjourned.

Black belts present:
Mitchell Kawasaki, Tony Kelly, Linda Maselli Jackman, Kimberly Orr, Tom Bricker, Goisha Dzierzgowska, Ron Hampson, Duncan Vignale, Vito Maselli and Ezio Contasti (treasurer non voting).


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