2010 Final President's Message

Wednesday September 1st, 2010

This is my final message as President of Judo Ontario.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I wish to thank all of you who supported me as the president for the past six years; you were all instrumental in the betterment of Judo Ontario.  I am pleased to report that the Board with the support of the Association met many of its goals.  We have been successful in having a better liaison and support with the MHP all to the benefit and improvement of Judo Ontario.

In my previous message I stated that many activities had taken place which was certainly successful and progressive for our association.  I would like to recap some of these activities:

  1. Revised Constitution and Board re-structure according to the Ministry’s recommendations.
  2. HPC Training and camps have taken place by Craig Weldon and his committee.
  3. NCCP Courses, Symposiums and Trainings and awards have taken place by Mohamad Hassani and his committee.
  4. Successful Winter Games in Huntsville, with the strength of Phil Makela and his Committee/volunteers.
  5. Grading and Seminars made available to all regions by Wayne Erdman/Goki Uemura and Michio Fukushima from Japan.
  6. Differently Able Programs, by Jack Polonsky, Lym Campos and their committee.
  7. Referee Committee, clinics/evaluations, by Chuck Lee, Keith Crivea, Mike Flynn and their committees.
  8. Sanction Committee, by Steve Campbell and his committee.
  9. Stronger affiliations with Ministry of Health and Promotions/Increased Grants.
  10. Increase in recorded judoka and club memberships.
  11. Successful results at the Junior and Senior Nationals.
  12. State of the art, functional website and online presences has improved immensely by Citrus Media Inc
  13. Improved administration functions by our office staff, Domtie Sarpong and Allan Koyanagi.

Contrary to some rumors, Judo Ontario is proud to announce an increase in our registered paid up members and clubs.  Once again, I wish to remind all judo clubs, coloured belts and black belts to ensure that everyone is registered and paid up as of August 31st 2010, in order to benefit from the insurance coverage and the many other services of our Association.

I can not adequately express my respect and gratitude to the board members, committee members, referees and the numerous volunteers and our office staff for their support and hard work in moving our association forward these past six years. Thank you.

Yours in Judo,

Charlie Formosa

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