Sign up on Judo Ontario's website and pay online

Friday September 5th, 2008

We apologize for any confusion which may have occurred during this transitional period to a new and exciting online payment system for your Judo Ontario membership.

The system is now fully functional.  Please follow these steps to register on the Judo Ontario website and pay for your Judo Ontario membership online: 

1: Click the 'Website Registration' link on the left hand side of the website.

2: Fill out the brief form.  Remember, when creating your own unique Username and Password to write it down, and don't use any spaces!

3: You're registered! Congratulations. Please note that your registration is automatically activated and you are able to pay for your membership immediately. We previously told everyone there would be notification when your account was activated. Now, if you decide you want to take advantage of the online payment system to pay for your Judo Ontario membership follow these steps:

4: Log-in to your account by entering the Username and Password you just created at the top of the website and click "GO".

5: There will be an alert telling you to pay your Judo Ontario membership by clicking the large "Renew Now" button. Click this button and follow the step-by-step process to pay online.

6: Upon a successful transaction, you will receive an email receipt. Please keep this on file for future reference.

You're done!! Quick, easy and relatively painless. 

Next year you will receive a reminder both by email and in your 'Alerts' section of your personal online profile of when Judo Ontario membership renewals begin and you'll be able to, just as easily, renew/pay for your Judo Ontario membership. Remember, if you are a practicing or competing Judoka both competitive or recreational, it is mandatory for you to become a member of Judo Ontario.

If you decide you do not want to pay online quite yet (although we highly encourage it), you have the option to contact the Judo Ontario office and arrange an alternate payment solution, such as by cheque, regardless of 'how' you pay, you are still required to register on the Judo Ontario website.

Please note that Club membership payment online will be available shortly. Stay tuned for further updates.  

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