Monday June 20th, 2016

The 2016 World Kata Championships allow 7 entries per country with a restriction of One Entry per Pair and a max two entries/country/kata – as in 2015.


As in the past, the priority of selections in each Kata will be as follows:



·         When and if required, the decision of the NGKC will determine the final selection of teams.




1.       Gold medal winners in the 2016 nationals


2.       Silver medal winners in katas where the gold medal winners is not eligible or able to participate


3.       Silver medal winners in Kata where a gold medal winner is participating in the World Championships


4.       Bronze medal winners…


All potential participants are required to declare their intention to Judo Canada by August 1st at which date, the selection of teams will be confirmed.



The registration for this event will be done via the beanstream on line form, however only after the official selection is confirmed.  If you are a national champion and you decide to compete in the Worlds, you can register at your earliest convenience at:

For more information and to to link to the event page on the Judo Ontario website click on the following



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