2016 Canadian Open Judo Championships

Tuesday May 17th, 2016

  Judo Ontario Judoka’s came away with exceptional results from this past weekend’s 2016 Open Canadian Judo Championships. The four day shiai was held at the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary. Judo Ontario would like to congratulate all the athletes and their coaches on a great effort and performance.

Also of special note, at the Judo Canada awards night and banquet three Ontario Judoka’s came away with Athlete of the Year awards. Keagan Young was awarded Most Outstanding U16 Male, Jessica Klimkait Most Outstanding U21 Female and Kelita Zupancic was awarded Most Outstanding Senior Female award.





Erik Vandersanden, U16 -50kg

Benjamin Burt, U16 -50kg

David Teper, U16 -50kg

Keagan Young, U16 -55kg

Reid Johnston, U16 -60kg

Madeleine Wiedmer, U18 -52kg

Rachel Krapmman, U16 -57kg

Rayleigh Becker, U16 +73kg

Fabian Gallardo Paquette, U18 -90kg

Christian Dametto, U18 -46kg

Erik Vandersanden, U18 -50kg

Alexander Carrillos, U18 +90kg

Aidos Sapenov, U18 -50kg

Reid Johnston, U18 -60kg

Ossama Mahmoud, U21 -60kg

Luka Khatelishvili, U18 -81kg

Daniel Maman, U18 -81kg

Daniel Kim, U21 -60kg

Yassin Youssef, U21 -60kg

Carolina Rincon, U21 -48kg

Alexander Carrillos, U21 +100kg

Mohab El Nahas, U21-90kg

Allayah Copeland, U21 -70kg

Ossama Mahmoud, Senior -60kg

Shady El Nahas, U21 -100kg

Torin MacFadyen, U21 -55kg

Bradly Langlois Senior -73kg

Jessica Klimkait, Senior -57kg

Shane Rooney, Katame no kata

Edward Zupancic, Ju no Kata

Mohab El Nahas, Senior -90kg

Davin Marion, Katame no kata

Mohamad Hassani, Ju no Kata

Shady El Nahas, Senior -100kg

Sean Long, U21 Nage no kata

Mohamad Hassani. Kime no kata

Artur Targosinski, Vet. 50+ Med.

Daniel Marjerrison, U21 Nage no kata

Edward Zupancic, Kime no kata

Michael Morgenroth, Vet. 50+ Hvy



James Martin, Goshin Jutsu



James Cook, Goshin Jutsu




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