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Friday August 21st, 2015

August 16, 2015


Dear Yudansha Members and Dojo Shus


As the Chair of the Election Committee, I wish to report to the membership of Judo Ontario that the Election Committee sought to fill the following vacant Board positions in accordance with the by-laws governing their vacancies.

1.    First Vice-President

2.    Vice-President Administration

3.    Vice-President Competitions

4.    Vice-President Marketing



In accordance with Section 4.4.2 of the Judo Ontario By-laws, the deadline to submit Declarations of Candidacy was August 9, 2015.  Judo Ontario received Declarations of Candidacy to fill the four vacant Board positions from the following individuals:


Brian Kalsen   for      First Vice-President  (Acclaimed).

Susan Sokol   for      Vice-President Administration  (Acclaimed).

None             for      Vice-President Competitions  (This Board position remains vacant).

None            for      Vice-President Marketing  (This Board position remains vacant.)



Insofar as Judo Ontario received only a single Declaration of Candidacy for the positions of First Vice-President and VP-Administration by the designated deadline, the above named candidates will be deemed to have been elected by Acclamation.


The Board will now have to fill the two remaining vacant Board positions of VP Competitions and VP Marketing in accordance with Section 6; Executive Committee - Clause 6.2; Vacancies of the Judo Ontario By-laws.


Based on the above results, an election is now not required at this year’s Annual General Meeting.


Congratulations and good luck to our two newly elected Board members – Brian Kalsen and Susan Sokol.


An official announcement of the results of this election will be made at the 2015 AGM on 20 September and posted on the Judo Ontario website following the AGM.


If you have any questions please feel free to call the Judo Ontario office at: 416-447-5836.



Yours in Judo,


Frank Vossen,

Chair, 2015 Election Committee

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