Ontario Athletes in Action in Buenos Aires and Bremen

Tuesday March 25th, 2014


Written by Sportcom for Judo Canada

Montréal, March 23, 2014 – Quebecois judokas Sarah-Myriam Mazouz and Alix Renaud-Roy made their way onto the third step of the podium in their respective categories, Sunday, at the Pan-American Open presented in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


It was a victory by ippon over the Mexican Miriam Gonzalez that saw Sarah-Myriam Mazouz (-78 kg) come away with a bronze medal. After receiving a bye through the opening round, the Quebecoise judoka took down the Argentinian Lidia Arias in the quarterfinals. She would come up short in the semis, falling to the Brazilian Samanta Soares, who herself would go on to claim the silver medal.


“I was able to control the match throughout (against Gonzalez). I took a shido after falling outside of the mat, but I regained my focus from that point forward. Finally, I was able to take her down for an ippon,” added Mazouz, who knew at the beginning of the day that a podium finish was within her grasp.


“I felt really good this morning and didn’t feel stressed at all. My mindset was simple: Whatever happens will happen. In the end, things went really well,” said Mazouz, who won her second career medal in a continental Open.


Alix Renaud-Roy also had a fine day on the tatamis even though she fell in her first bout in the under 70 kg class to teammate Monika Burgess.


“We’re training partners, so obviously we know each other pretty well. I made a mistake by attacking her on a side where she’s more comfortable, and she put me into ippon after two minutes of combat,” explained Renaud-Roy, who got things back on track after that.


In the repechage, Renaud-Roy imposed her will against the Argentinian Mariana Lopez, defeating her handily. In the bronze medal finale she had no mercy for her opponent, the Mexican Andrea Poo, beating her with a waza-ari and two yukos.


“Things went quite well against the Mexican. She has a style that I’m very comfortable in defending against. She’s a bit shorter than I am, and doesn’t have the tendency to raise her hand up high. I had a relatively easy time controlling her by the sleeve and performing my judo. Even though I missed a couple of opportunities to finish the match, I was able to control things right up until the end.”


As for Burgess, she would finish her day with a 5th place classification. Victorious in her first two fights, the Ontarian was defeated in the semifinals by the Brit Megan Fletcher. She then went on to lose by ippon against the German Anne-Katrin Lisewski, failing in her attempt to reach the podium.


On the men’s side, Brandon Jobb finished 5th in the under 90 kg division.  After taking down in successive bouts the Uruguyan Juan Romero and the American Colton Brown, the Canadian was defeated by the Brit Matthew Purssey. Jobb then went on to beat the American Jacob Larsen in the repechage before falling to the Frenchman Ludovic Gobert in his last fight of the day.


Elsewhere, Zachary Burt finished his tourney with a 7th place classification. After benefitting from a first round bye, the Ontarian took down the Argentinian Ivan Duarte. In the quarterfinals, Burt was stopped by the Spaniard Adrian Nacimiento Lorenzo. Another Spaniard, this time Tomas Morales Martinatto, would end the Canadian’s day in the repechage.


As for Volodymyr Semyrozum (-90 kg), Marc Deschênes (-100 kg), and James Mcmanus (+100 kg), none were able to come away with a classification.


Jonah Burt walks away with a bronze medal


Meanwhile, at the International Masters of Bremen, Jonah Burt, competing in the U-21 tourney, claimed a 3rdplace finish in the under 81 kg class. In the same category, Mohab El Nahas finished in 5th.


I’m really satisfied with their performances today,” coach Sasha Mehmedovic affirmed.


Burt started his day off with a loss versus the Dutchman Frank de Wit. Forced into the repechage, Burt went to work, beating every opponent he faced from that point on. The determined Canadian took down in successive rounds the Swede Patrick Hurtig, the Germans Gabriel Berg and Tom Görlitz, and the Brazilian Eduardo Santo. In the bronze medal finale, the product of Whitby, Ontario finished his tourney in style, beating the Dutchman Rico Harder.


“Jonah showed a lot of determination today in winning four consecutive bouts in the repechage,” Mehmedovic pointed out.


As for Mohab El Nahas, he would win his first three fights before succumbing to defeat versus Rico Harder. The Ontarian would then make his way to the repechage, where he would win his first two bouts against the Estonian Klen Kalijulaid and the Dutchman Joep van Montfort. He would come up short of joining his teammate on the podium, however, succumbing to defeat versus Frank de Wit in the bronze medal match.  “Despite the fact that he was dealing with an injured shoulder, Mohab fought really hard today, and came away with a respectable 5thplace finish,” his coach mentioned.


Ossama Mahmoud (-55 kg), Darren Elcok (-60 kg), Yassin Youssef (-60 kg), Anthony Pépin (-60 kg),Vincent Blais-Shiokawa (-66 kg), Antoine Bouchard (-66 kg), Philippe Desjardins (-66 kg), Colton Hall(-66 kg), David Boucher (-73 kg), Patrick Cantin (-73 kg), Bradley Langlois (-73 kg), Dante St-Prix (-73 kg),Louis Krieber-Gagnon (-81 kg), Olivier Gobeil St-Amand (-81 kg) and Martin Rygielski (+100 kg) were all unable to receive a classification.



Montréal, March 22, 2014 – After winning a gold medal last Monday at the Pan-American Open in Montevideo, the judoka Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard once again climbed onto the podium, Saturday, this time at the Pan-American Open presented in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Today, the Canadian won a bronze medal in the under 57 kg class.


Beauchemin-Pinard took down the Ecuadorian Yolanda Arcos and the Brit Connie Ramsey in successive matches to reach the semi-finals. Taking on the Colombian Yadinys Amaris, who she beat in the gold medal finale in Montevideo, the 19-year-old athlete would lose her only match of the day, falling to defeat in a battle that had the two judokas separated by just one yuko.


“I felt like I was too passive in my approach against her. I didn’t take the initiative,” the Quebecoise explained. “I’m pretty disappointed by the loss, especially I beat her this past Monday. I’m already looking forward to our next match.”


In the bronze medal bout, Beauchemin-Pinard would regain her composure to beat the American Hana Carmichael, who succumbed to defeat after taking three penalties. The two judokas also faced off against each other in Uruguay.


“I’m happy to have won another bout against her. I did a great job with my grip today, a lot better than how I did in our last contest,” said the Quebecer, who finished her South American tour with two medals. “My goal coming in was to make two podiums, and I accomplished that,” exclaimed Beauchemin-Pinard, who will now prepare for the upcoming Pan-American Championships.


In the under 73 kg class, Arthur Margelidon and Alexis Morin-Martel both came away with 5th place classifications.


After both athletes won their respective opening round matches, the two teammates faced off in the quarterfinals, a bout where Margelidon came away victorious.  Margelidon would lose his next fight however, falling in the semis to the Brazilian Marcelo Contini. Back on the tatami for a shot at a bronze medal, the Canadian would come up short, falling to the Frenchman Ugo Legrand.


After losing to his teammate, Morin-Martel would go by way of the repechage, where he came away with a win in his first bout against the Russian Khabib Murtuzov. Like Margelidon, he would end his day on a losing note, falling in the bronze medal fight to the Brazilian Joao Macedo.


In the same category, David Ancor won his duel versus the American Micheal Tusay before falling to the Frenchman Florent Urani. As for Etienne Briand, he would lose his first match against Khabib Murtuzov.


Meanwhile, Gueorgui Poklitar (60 kg) and Simon Gaudreault (66 kg) were both eliminated in the first round.


Action will pick up again Sunday, in Argentina.


Shady El Nahas wins gold in Bremen


At the Master’s tourney in Bremen, Germany, the day was highlighted by Shady El Nahas’ victory in the U-18 tournament.


Competing in the under 81 kg division, the Canadian climbed on to the top step of the podium after defeating the German Eduard Trippel in the gold medal finale.  “Shady was unstoppable today after winning 6 fights! He stayed focused all day long and fought very hard,” coach Sasha Mehmedovic pointed out.


As for Gabriel Juteau, he would go on to finish 7th in the under 66 kg class. He won his first four bouts before falling to the German Thomas Gubert in the semis. Juteau got back on track in the repechage, beating the Frenchman Adrien Palhec. He would unfortunately go on to lose his next match and a chance to compete for a bronze medal, falling to another Frenchman, Dylan Roche. “Gabriel was very close to making it into the bronze medal match, but unfortunately he made too many errors. Overall, he gained a lot of experience today,” Mehmedovic mentioned.


In the under 55 kg category, Ossama Mahmoud and Benjamin Daviau finished 9th and 13th, respectively. Mahmoud won three fights in five matches while Daviau registered a mark of two wins and two losses.


Mael Stawarz (-60 kg), Emile Charbonneau (-60 kg), Dante St-Prix (-73 kg) and Dawson Mandel (-73 kg) were all unable to receive a classification.


It will be the turn of the U-21 judokas, Sunday, to take to the tatamis in Bremen.


Tough day for the Canadian women’s team in Thuringia


Still in Germany, here at the Junior International Cup of Thuringia, the women’s Canadian contingent had a tough day on the tatamis. “Many of our judokas had difficulty adjusting to the intensity and tactics of the European athletes. There were a few positives to take away from the day, but not many,” Canadian coach Ewan Beatonadmitted.


In the U-21 tourney, the Quebecer Sophie Vaillancourt obtained the team’s best resultclaiming a bronze medal in the under 78 kg category after finishing her day with a record of 1-1.


Ana Laura Portuondo-Isasi came away with a 5th place classification in the under 78 kg class, finishing with one win and two losses. At -48 kg, Abby Lloyd took home a 7th place finish, after registering a win and three defeats.


Jaquina Simao (63 kg) and Emily Schaan (70 kg) both won once, but were unable to scratch out a classification.


Alicia Briggs (52 kg), Sydney Poliakwski (57 kg), Cassidy Norris (57 kg), Eugenie Lemieux (57 kg),Jessica Klimkait (57 kg), Beatrice Valois-Fortier (63 kg), Léa-Fredericke Côté (63 kg), andMina Coulombe (70 kg) all lost in their opening round matches.


Over in the U-18 portion of the competition, none of the Canadians in action, which included Marie Besson(48 kg), Brette Poliakiwski (52 kg), Jasmine Pittsillis (57 kg), Natalie Rygielski (57 kg) and Hanako Kuno(57 kg), were able to come away with a classification



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