Dilyaver Sheykhislyamov places 5th in Miami

Thursday June 20th, 2013

The Canadian Dilyaver Sheykhislyamov walked away with a 5th place finish, Sunday, at the Judo Grand Prix presented in Miami, Florida.

“I’m not satisfied, but not completely unsatisfied either. I had some good bouts; others didn’t go as well. I would have hoped for the last fight to go differently. The medal was right there for the taking,” the judoka explained.

Competing in the under 100 kg category, the 53rd ranked Ontarian started his day off with a win over the Ecuadorian Jose Merlin by ippon. He then went on to defeat the Argentine Hector Campos after the judges awarded him with the decision.

“Things went really well in those two bouts. The Ecuadorian was physically very strong, but I was able to get the better of him. The Argentine was also quite imposing, but I was a bit more active than him,” he pointed out.

In the semifinals, the Brazilian Hugo Pessanha would put an end to the Canadian’s gold medal hopes, winning with a yuko. “He was very strong and had an excellent grip. On top of the fact that I had three shidos against me, he completely dominated the match.”

In his bronze medal bout, Sheykhislyamov fell in his matchup with the Czech Radek Hecl, who defeated the Ontarian with an ippon.

“He took me by surprise. I was winning the fight by two shidos to one when he threw me to ground with 1 minute 20 seconds left in the bout,” he said.

“If I could do it over again, I’d be more cautious with the lead and not position myself so close to him. I’d keep my distance.”

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