Answers for General General Membership

New and exciting changes at Judo Ontario

Judo Ontario continues to work hard to provide the membership with a set of tools to assist you in managing, registering and archiving your Judo career. Below are answers to the more common questions we get asked. We hope this assists you in using the new system.

Answers for General General Membership

How do I register on the Judo Ontario website?


For NEW members to Judo Ontario, visit the Website Registration page, click the Create a New Profile button at the bottom and fill out the brief form. Be careful to fill it out as accurately and completely as possible as this information is used when you sign up for events.  When completing the profile creation form, if you do not see your club in the list, contact your Club Owner ASAP.  After NEW a new profile is set-up in the system, the member will NOT be able to pay their annual registration until the Club owner verifies their information and sets their current rank in the system. 

How do I pay for my Judo Ontario membership online?

VERY IMPORTANT: NEW members will not be able to pay online for their membership until their Dojoshu (club owner) has verified their profile within the system.  For new AND existing members to pay their annual membership, the Club and Club Owner must also be paid-up with Judo Ontario.

NEW members will first need to create a profile on the website (see answer above).  Log-in to your account, entering your unique Username and Password at the top of the page. This logs you into your personal Judoka profile. You will notice your current membership status (either paid up or not paid up). NEW members where their club owner has not set their rank will see "No Belt" as their rank and will also see a notice under "Out of Date" that their club owner needs to set their rank.  If you are NOT paid up, click the Renew Now button and follow the step-by-step process.  Note: If you are a parent registering on behalf of your child you will be required to log-in to your child's account in order to make sure the payment you make is associated with that specific account.

How can I retrieve my username and/or password?


There is a link to the forgot password utility located directly next to where you log-in.  If you can't remember your USERNAME, enter the e-mail address in the Forgot Username? box and click the button to request that all the USERNAMES attached to that e-mail address be sent to the e-mail address you entered.  If this doesn't work, please have your Dojoshu (Club Owner) update your e-mail address in the system and try again.

If/when you have the correct USERNAME but can't remember your password, you can enter your USERNAME into the Forgot Password? box in the forgot password utility to initiate an automated password reset.

How are age categories determined?

The age division is determined by the age the judoka will be on Dec 31st of the second calendar year in the season. For example, a judoka that will be 12 years old before the Dec 31st of the year following the start of the season will be in the U14 even though s/he is only 11 years old when the season starts.  This applies to all judoka across Canada and means that all judoka born in the same year will be in the same division.  Judo seasons run from September 1st through August 31st of the following calendar year (eg. Sept 1, 2017 and ending Aug 31, 2018).  

Will I get a notification when it is time to renew my membership?

Absolutely! Another great benefit to the system is you will receive by email, notification when it is time to renew your membership. You will also see a notification in your personal profile when you log in.

Is paying online secure?

Our payment system uses strong encryption of your data using an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer), which sends your information from your computer to the payment gateway server (the people that actually process your payment). We currently use Moneris, a well respected leader in online transaction technology and security.  Judo Ontario's online system currently accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, VISA Debit, and MasterCard Debit.

I really like PayPal. Do you plan on offering PayPal as an option?

We are currently assessing the security of their public solution for payment processing. Once we have determined if the system will work securely for our specific situation then we will implement a PayPal solution as another payment option.  Judo Ontario's online system currently accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, VISA Debit, and MasterCard Debit. 

What payment options do you offer?

Judo Ontario's online system currently accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, VISA Debit, and MasterCard Debit.  Cheques are required when sending hard-copy registrations into the office. 

Do I get receipts for my online transactions?

Yes! Our system automatically sends you a detailed receipt to the email you enter in the billing information section of the payment system. We have had a couple of instances where the receipt gets treated as SPAM by individuals email applications. There is also a Transaction History feature to your individual profile, which will also give you the ability to print individual transaction receipts for ONLINE transactions completed under your profile only.  Therefore, if you complete your annual registration via the office OR your Dojoshu (Club Owner) completes your annual registration on your behalf, you will not see it in your Transaction History.

I don't have an Internet connection, can I still register?

Yes, but in order for the system to work well, we're asking that you do the best you can to use the online system. Your Club Owner (or Club Administrators) have the ability to pay online on your behalf.  Simply ask your instructors if they provide that service and make arrangements with them.

The Judo Ontario office is really busy managing the day-to-day administration of a large provincial organization, so the more people that use the system the better.  If you absolutely cannot be registered online, you can still fill out a paper form and send it into the Judo Ontario office.

If your Club pays on your behalf or you are registered manuually through the Judo Ontario office, you will not see the transaction in your Transaction History.


How can I get on the Judo Ontario e-mail list?

It's easy!  Simply visit the e-mail list sign-up page ( and complete the form making sure to set your subscription preferences.  It will send you an automated e-mail with a link to confirm your subscription.  Click the link in the e-mail and you're done!  

If you accidentally unsubscribe, no worries, you can simply sign-up again.

IMPORTANT: For legal reasons, Judo Ontario cannot sign-up your e-mail on your behalf.  Also, the e-mail list is separate from the Judo Ontario database.  If your e-mail address changes, you will need to update both your e-mail subscription and your profile on the Judo Ontario database.