Answers for Dojo Shu's

New and exciting changes at Judo Ontario

Judo Ontario continues to work hard to provide the membership with a set of tools to assist you in managing, registering and archiving your Judo career. Below are answers to the more common questions we get asked. We hope this assists you in using the new system.

Answers for Dojo Shu's


How do I become the Dojo Shu or an Administrator for my club?

First ensure that both your personal membership AND your club membership is paid-up so that your club is in good standing.  This will ensure that your club appears in the list for new members to affiliate themselves with your club and also ensures your club receives the benefit of appearing in the online club directory.  Existing members affiliated with your club should be able to register when your club and personal memberships are in good standing.  Note: The Dojoshu's personal membership must be paid first before the club membership can be renewed.

For NEW members to Judo Ontario, you will need to set their rank in the system before they will be able to pay their annual membership.  This process is in place to ensure Dojoshu's have the opportunity to verify their new members date of birth and rank before they register with Judo Ontario.  NEW members needing their rank assigned will appear in your Club Members list in red with no "Pay for me" checkbox beside their name.  (Note: If your club hasn't been paid yet, all members will appear this way).

For Black Belts, coming from outside Ontario, they will need to first register with Judo Ontario as a brown belt, while you assist them with the Recognition of Foreign Rank process.  Please refer to the club manual for more details on this process.

Note: For NEW members to be included in a Group Transaction, they must have their rank set in the system prior to completing the transaction.

How do I become the Dojo Shu or an Administrator for my club?

If you are starting a new club and wish to associate yourself as the Dosjoshu to the new club, please refer to the Judo Ontario Club Manual for details about how to start and register a club with Judo Ontario.

Only a Dosjoshu can set up administrators. Log-in to your account, under Dosjoshu tools is a link called 'Administrators'. You can then perform a search of names in the database to find the person you wish to add as an administrator. Once you find the name, simply click on it to add them. You can add or remove administrators at any time.

NOTE: If you are the Dojoshu of an existing club and when you first log into your Judo Ontario profile do not see the Dojoshu Tools menu on the right, please contact the Judo Ontario office to have the situation corrected.  The person contacting the Judo Ontario office, must be the same person listed as Dojoshu in the club profile/club directory.

How do I, as a Dojo Shu, modify my club members profile information?

First, make sure you are in fact registered as the Dosjoshu or one of the administrators for your club. Log-in to your personal account by entering your unique Username and Password (at the top of the screen) and clicking GO.

This will log you into your personal profile, and provide you with a tab button to view your club profile. (If you don't see this, then your profile is not set-up as a Dojoshu or club administrator and you should contact Judo Ontario).  Click the Club Profile tab. Scroll down and you will see a list of all the Judo Ontario members who are calling your club home. Click on any one of their names to reveal their personal information. You can now edit most of the profile information (not the Date of Birth), and finish any changes by Saving the changes.

VERY IMPORTANT: When a member of your club is promoted, be sure to log-in to your account and modify the members belt in their profile! This is particularly important prior to registration for any tournaments requiring online registration.  Black belts coming to your club from outside Ontario must register with Judo Ontario as brown belts first until they can complete the Recognition of Foreign Rank process.  Only the Judo Ontario office can update Black Belt (Dan) ranks with the confirmation from Judo Canada.

Some of the members of my club do not have Internet access, what can they do to register/renewal their membership to Judo Ontario or register for an event?

Dojoshu's and Club Administrators may also pay for one or more member's annual membership at a time online by clicking the "Pay for Me" box beside each of the members in their club list that they wish to pay for in the transaction and clicking the button proceed with the batch.  Then follow the on-screen prompts.  You will need to set the membership level/type for each member in the transaction and enter your credit card information while completing the process.  Since these transactions are being completed under your profile, the receipt will show up in only your Transaction History and not the individual members which were included in the transaction.  IMPORTANT: Club owners using this process MUST still send in signed waiver forms for each member within 2-weeks of the transaction.  This can be either hard-copy mail, fax OR via e-mail as a scanned in PDF file.

Alternatively, Judo Ontario can perform manual transactions and entries into the online system. You will need them to fill out an application and send it to Judo Ontario with your payment. However, in order to accurately keep track of paid membership and avoid any issues at events, as well as take advantage of the tools we are providing the membership, it is very important to have as many people as possible using the online system. By using the online system, it also helps relieve some of the pressures from the Judo Ontario staff who are currently working very hard to stay on top of everything and allows them to focus on providing better service to the membership. Every person that adopts the online system is someone who is helping Judo Ontario progressively move forward.

I lost my Username and Password?


There is a link to the Forgot Password utility located directly next to where you log-in.  If you can't remember your USERNAME, enter your e-mail address in the Forgot Username? box and click the button to request that all the USERNAMES attached to that e-mail address be sent to the e-mail address you entered.  If this doesn't work, please have the Judo Ontario office update your e-mail address in the system and try again.

If/when you have the correct USERNAME but can't remember your password, you can enter your USERNAME into the Forgot Password? box in the forgot password utility to initiate an automated password reset.

NOTE: If one of your members no longer has access to the e-mail address in their profile, they will need you to update their e-mail address in the system so they can use the forgot password utility on the website as well.  Please remind your members to NOT set-up new profiles when they can't remember their log-in information.

Can I register a group for an upcoming event?

Judo Ontario has developed the ability to perform group event transactions. The system is very simple to use. Step 1 is to ensure that every member you wish to add to your group is registered on the website. Step 2, search for a specific Judoka using the search boxes provided. You can use either their first name and/or last name. THE SPELLING HAS TO BE EXACT. It does not matter if you use upper or lower case. Step 3, once you have found the member you wish to add to your group simple click on their name to add them. Names are bright orange. Once your group is complete click 'Continue'.

On the next screen, Step 4, you will need to select the division(s) each Judoka wishes to enter. Our system will only show you the divisions you qualify for based on that specific users profile (age and belt level). We have had instances of parents or Dosjoshu's who cannot enter the perceived proper division for a specific Judoka. Typically this is caused by the Dosjoshu not updating their members belt level in their club profile. It is VERY important that when a Dosjoshu promotes a member of their club to a new belt rank, that they accurately reflect this online as well, by logging into their account and clicking on 'Club Members' on the right. This will reveal a list of members associated with your club. Click on a member name to open their information. Select the new belt level from the pull down box and click 'Change Belt'. Done!